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MILNA - Island Hvar

About Hvar


The longest and sunniest island in the Adriatic

Hvar is the longest and sunniest island in the Adriatic. It got its name from Pharos (Lighthouse), a city founded by ancient Greeks and which is called Stari Grad today. It’s considered to be one of world’s most beautiful islands.

Separation from the mainland is not necessarily a bad thing. Stripped of every ills of modern civilization like noise, smog, and traffic jams, makes Hvar an ideal place for connecting man and nature. People are always smiled and full of hospitality.

Island taverns offer native Mediterranean food like olive oil, figs, fish, wine etc.

Fishing, tourism and agriculture are island’s main sources of life, and except olive trees and vineyards, the island is most known by numerous lavender fields.


Island’s capital city is also called Hvar and is located on the west part of the island. This city is recognizable by many things: it’s protected by many small islands and islets (Pakleni otoci – Hell islands) which together form a unique natural beauty and which also protected its inhabitants from heavy storms and uninvited „guests“ in the past.

In the ancient times this was the port and shelter for many merchant sail ships travelling to Middle east.

Greek billionare Aristotel Onasis visited Hvar many times in the 20th century, in the 1960-s when the island was part of Tito’s Yugoslavia, and during time the island became atrractive tourist destination for world jet-set celebrities, so today the island of Hvar is known as Croatia’s Saint Tropez.

With large number of disco clubs and caffe bars city of Hvar has excellent night life.

Ferryboats connect the island with Split, nearby Brač island, Drvenik (on Makarska riviera), and Italian Ancona and Pescara.

Hvar has a small airfield which is opened only in summer and is used for light-aircrafts only.

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