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Dalmatian gastronomy


Taste the best food Dalmatia has to offer

Except its beauty, Dalmatia is also also proud of its gastronomy, which is among the healthiest gastronomies in the world.

Dalmatian cuisine is based on Meditteranean nutrition where main ingredients are coming from the sea ie. various types of fish, oysters and shellfish, mollusks (squid, cuttlefish, octopuss), crabs (shrimps, lobsters) etc. with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and selfgrown herbs and weeds used as spices.

The speciality of this cuisine is in the way of prepairing foods. Vegetables are cooked in water, sesoned with olive oil, and sprinkeld with spicy herbs like rosemary, sage, basil, and oregano. Fish is boiled, made in stew or baked on embers, and meat baked on embers gets a unique flavour. As fish was the main foodstuff through Dalmatian history, Dalmatians also used to preserve it by salting and marinate it, and that custom is still alive in some Dalmatian places even today.

Beside fish, a great part in Dalmatian gastronomy belongs to olive. Except making extra virgin olive oil from it, Dalmatians also love to preserve them by salting, and such are a unavodiable side dish to another Dalmatian speciality – prosciutto (smoked ham dried on north wind called Bora in Dalmatia).


Another side dish to prosciutto is cheese, mostely sheep and goat cheese, with the best ones beeing from the island of Pag. Pag’s mutton is also very appreciated due to natural phenomenon called „saltening“ when Bora sprays sea water on the island, which saltens the pastures and makes their meat naturally salty.

Except mutton, the most famous meat dish in Dalmatia is pašticada stew served with gnocchi. Areas rich with fresh water are known by dishes made from frogs, eels and crayfish.

Dalmatian wines are respected from the ancient times. Dalmatia is proud of its wines such as: Dingač and Pošip from Pelješac peninsula; Babić from Primošten; Vugava and Plančić from the island of Hvar; Pošip and Grk from the island of Korčula; Marastina from the island of Lastovo; Malvazija from Dubrovnik etc. and also with Prošek dessert wine, strong spirits (made from grapes and herbs) and liqueurs (Maraschino, Vlahov).

Typical Dalmatian desserts will win your heart by their simplicity. Most common ingredients include Meditteranean fruits: dried figs, raisins… and almonds, eggs, honey etc. Some of most known desserts are: ravioli, mandulat, fig cake, pepper biscuits from the island of Hvar and Dubrovnik flan.

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