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MILNA - Island Hvar

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Dalmatian gastronomy at its finest.

If You have decided to explore the island Hvar, one of top 10 most beautiful islnds in the world, don’t miss to visit a place with delightful and relaxing atmosphere where You will get top-quality service and extremly tasty meal from the Dalmatian cuisine – restaurant „Moli Onte“.

Restaurant „Moli Onte“ is placed on the island Hvar, by the coast in the old fishing settlement called Milna, and which, with its long tradition (over thirty years), has obtruded itself to all Milna settlers and their guests as an excellent place for various family and friend gatherings and for escaping from today’s fast way of life.

The restaurant has two terraces which are placed just next to the sea, and which offer our guests a chance to enjoy in spectacular sunset while listening to the noise of high tide and beeing caressed by the mild summer breeze, thus making eating at restaurant „Moli Onte“ an unforgettable experience.

One of the main „culprits“ for the pleasant atmosphere is the restaurant’s „good spirit“, mrs. Dobrila Soldic. Mrs. Dobrila, which is also the restaurant’s owner, fluently speaks 4 world languages, will approach to every guest in the restaurant and listen to all hisremarks, suggestions etc. or will reccomend a perfect meal or drink for the guest. This kind of personal approach has positively suprised many of our guests who were not used on getting such big attention, and which come back to our little paradise with every chance they get.

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In the restaurant „Moli Onte“ You will find a rich sellection of extremely tasty meals made under the „peka“ (baking bell): veal, lamb, cod, octopus… and don’t forget to try some of other specialities from the supreme Dalmatian cuisine: „pašticada“ stew, various „brodet“ stews, beans with sausages, goulash’s, polenta, veal, soups, seafood… as well as various grilled dishes like meat, fish etc.

Sweeten your meal with some of delicious traditional Dalmatian desserts like flan, „mandulat“ cake, pepper biscuits etc.

During preparation of food we only use fresh and home made groceries which greatly contributes to the excellent taste of the dishes made in our restaurant.

In its offer restaurant „Moli Onte“ also has a big selection of quality domestic and international wines, a fact which will be greatly appreciated by wine lovers.

Two professional chefs are responsible for the preparation of food, grill master Marko, which is also mrs. Dobrila’s husband, and Ćiro. And while Ćiro is in charge of satisfying all gastronomical wishes from our guests, Marko is, in his private time, a hunter which supplies the restaurant with daily fresh venison, thus giving You a possibility to try many delicious meals made from venison.

We have accomplished a business relationship with many fishermen from Milna which supply our restaurant with daily fresh fish caught in the depths of the crystal clear Adriatic sea which guarantees extreme freshness and the quality of fish meals.

Welcome and bon apetit!

Owners and the staff of restaurant „Moli Onte“

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